ABOUT - bylaws


The official name of this organization shall be the South Florida Health Sciences Library Consortium.  The acronym will be SFHSLC. This organization shall be a not-for-profit organization.


The purpose of the SFHSLC shall be to provide and exchange timely, high quality information, resources and continuing education, promote health science library trends, and promote professional interaction, which can be individualized to meet the specific needs of its members that are located in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties.


Section 1:   Institutional Membership
Institutional Members shall be libraries that support the purpose of the Consortium.  For the purpose of making decisions during meetings there can only be one designated voter per Institutional Member which will be determined by each Institution.  Current employees of Institutional Members may participate in Consortium activities, hold office, or be eligible to register for CE activities. Vote: 1 designated vote per institution.

Section 2:   Individual Membership
Individual Memberships shall be open to those interested in health sciences librarianship, but are not affiliated with any health science libraries that are Institutional Member.  Vendors of products of interest to member libraries are not eligible.  Benefits of Individual Membership: may participate in Consortium activities, hold office, be eligible to register for CE activities, and vote. 

Section 3:   Emeritus Membership
Retired Members who have been active participants from member institutions for five years prior to retirement may be granted Emeritus membership.  These members shall be known as “Emeritus” members.  They shall be eligible to attend meetings and CE courses; use SFHSLC listserv; access member area on the website.  They shall have no voting rights.  They shall be required to renew their membership by submitting the Membership Form.  If they do not renew within two years, counting from January 1st of the current year, their membership will be cancelled and they will be removed from the membership roster. 

Section 4:   Dues
Membership dues shall be determined by the Executive Board and voted upon by the members.  The fiscal year runs from January 1st through December 31st.  All dues must be paid by April 1. If dues are not paid by April 1st, SFHSLC shall issue two reminders.  Dues must be received within 30 days of the final notice, or membership shall be cancelled, and the member shall be removed from the roster.  Members will be added to the roster after paying the dues.

                Part 1:  Institutional Membership Dues
                              -  Institutions with 1-4 FTE - $40 per year;
                              -  Institutions with more than 4 FTE - $60 per year;

                Part 2:  Individual Membership Dues - $20 per year;

                Part 3:  Emeritus Membership – no dues


Section 1:  Initiation
The President shall call meetings.  There shall be a minimum of three (3) general meetings per year.  Notification of each meeting shall be posted on the website and also distributed via email at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.

Section 2:  Special Meetings
During the interval between regular meetings, a special meeting may be called by the President, if necessary with one (1) week notice.

Section 3:  Quorum
One third (1/3) of the participating voting membership shall constitute a quorum.  A two third (2/3) simple majority of the voting membership present and voting shall be required to pass a motion.


Section 1:  Executive Officers
The Executive Officers shall be a President, Vice-President/President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2:  Election and Term of Office
Election shall take place at the last business meeting of the calendar year.  The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall prepare and administer the ballot.  Members may vote for officers.  Officers shall assume their positions on January 1st of each year.  The officers shall be elected for a two (2) year term.  The officers shall serve until a successor been chosen or until resignation.  Should an officer not perform satisfactorily the functions of the office, the Executive Board shall have the authority to ask for a resignation or to vote the individual out of office by a majority vote.  Officers shall not serve for more than two consecutive terms.  Officers may not hold more than one elected position at the same time.

Section 3:  Vacancies in Office
Should a vacancy occur in an office, the President shall appoint a member to fill it through the end of that calendar year.   A candidate may be elected to begin a two-year term for that office in the next
election cycle.

Section 4:  President
The President shall serve as official spokesperson and call and preside at all meetings of the Consortium, preparing an agenda to be distributed in advance.  The President must maintain the Employer Identification Number (EIN), in order to have an organization bank account, and the President must file a tax return every April to maintain the EIN #.  The President must also file an annual report with the State of Florida by the end of April each year.

Section 5:  Vice-President/President-Elect
The Vice-President/President-Elect shall assist and advise the President as requested and preside at meetings in the absence of the President.  If the President is unable to complete the office, the Vice-President/President-Elect shall become a President.

Section 6:  Immediate Past President
The term of office of the Immediate Past President shall be two years immediately following his or her term as President.  The Immediate Past President serves as a guiding role for the newly appointed President and is a member of the Executive Board.

Section 7:  Secretary
The Secretary shall be responsible for all record keeping, including meeting minutes, meeting attendance, and distributing minutes to the membership. 

Section 8:   Treasurer
The Treasurer shall maintain the financial affairs of the Consortium; be responsible for a record of the Treasury; report on its status at each general meeting; maintain a bank account for the Consortium; be responsible for prompt payment of all debts incurred by the group; send out due notices to members on a calendar year basis; collect dues and maintain a list of members in good standing; and shall provide the Web Master with the membership information.  Expenditures will be reimbursed by the Treasurer upon approval by the President.  In the absence of the President, the Vice-President/President-Elect shall approve expenditures.  


Section 1:  Composition
The Executive Board shall consist of the four (4) executive officers and the Immediate Past President.

Section 2:  Duties
The duties of the Executive Board shall be to discuss the activities, problems and mission of the Consortium.  Meetings shall be called by the President of SFHSLC or in his or her absence by the Vice-President/President-Elect. Should an officer not satisfactorily perform the functions of the office, the Executive Board shall have the authority to ask for a resignation or to vote the individual out of office by a majority vote.


Section 1:  Selection of Chairs
The President shall appoint a Chair for each Committee.  Interests and qualifications of the members of the Consortium shall be the deciding factors in the choice of Committee Chair. The Committee Chairs shall select additional members to serve on Committees. The number of appointments shall be at the discretion of the Chair.

Section 2:  Committees

                Part 1:  By-Laws Committee
                                Purpose: Recommend, draft and revise the official Consortium bylaws when needed.

Part 2:  Continuing Education Committee
Purpose: Responsible for evaluating the needs and interests of the general membership, then planning educational programs for the Consortium.  This Committee shall be responsible for informing members of the Consortium of other continuing education programs offered locally, statewide, regionally, and nationally, and advising the membership of additional professional development opportunities.

                Part 3:   Nominating Committee
Purpose: Prepare a slate of officers when elections are called and to conduct elections.  Members: a minimum of three (3) members.  The Immediate Past President serves as Chair.

                Part 4: Publicity/Website Committee
Purpose: Exchange information, report activities, maintain the SFHSLC website, and keep up with a paid and retired membership roster on the website.

                Part 5:  Additional Committees
Formation of additional committees shall be decided by the Executive Board.

Section 3:  Meetings
Chair of each committee shall call committee meetings as necessary.  A report shall be presented by the Committee Chair at the general membership meetings.